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Fuse Board Replacements

Fuse Board Replacements

What is their purpose?

Consumer Units are the modern replacements for fuse boards or fuse boxes. They work much the same, by cutting power to parts of your house if the circuit gets overloaded or short-circuited. Consumer units are more sophisticated than the old fuse boxes are and have additional safety features built-in.

One of the most important safety features in modern consumer units is the residual current device or RCD. The RCD is designed to detect small changes in the flow of electricity which could indicate a fault or someone getting electrocuted. When they detect this type of fault an RCD will cut the power, rather than waiting for the circuit to become overloaded as a traditional fuse box will do.

Having an RCD fitted means many shorts and other faults will be detected before anyone comes into contact with them. If someone is unfortunate enough to touch a faulty piece of electrical equipment then the RCD can stop them from getting a fatal shock.

Why do they need replacing?

Consumer units will need replacing if you are having extensive works done to your home such as planning an extension. Any non-RCD protected boards will automatically need updating to meet current regulations, so if you have any electrical work done at all that might require certification then you may need the consumer unit replaced as well. But of course you may just decide that you would like the most current protection to your electrical wiring to ensure you, your family, visitors or pets are all safe by today‚Äôs standards. 

Why choose T&G Electrics?

We have many years of experience in replacing fuse boards with consumer units and have gathered a large database of knowledge in understanding the common problems that can occur when updating your wiring to the latest protection. With our electricians you can be sure that, not only will you have no tripping problems, but that the work is certified and will be notified through Part P which registers the change with the local authority to ensure accountability.