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Testing & Certification

Testing and Certification

At T&G Electrics, we pride ourselves on having rigorous processes when it comes to the testing and inspecting of electrical systems. With today’s regulation through Part P, which we are approved to notify through ELECSA, most electrical jobs undertaken come with a certification of some sort to ensure the work that has been done is safe and up to current standards.

We use the very latest in multi-meter technology to carry out a range of specific tests that can look at the conditions of cables and accessories, plus allow us to trace faults back to a source and be able to quickly identify what and how repairs can be made, if required.

All the work we carry out comes with testing and if any cabling has been added or work has been carried out in certain locations then certification will always come with it too, the sorts of certification we can provide are:

Minor Works Certification (MWC)

Usually provided when cabling is added from existing circuits.

Minor Works Certification (MWC)

Electrical Installation Certification (EIC)

Provided with replacement consumer units, new circuits from consumer units, full rewires.

Electrical Installation Condition Testing (EICR)

Provided when you want to asses the conditions of an electrical installation, they should be carried out every 10 years in your domestic property or 5 years in a commercial one.

Building Control Notification Certification

Provided with any EIC certificate to show the work has been registered under Part P.

Cable Surveys

Used in 3rd party certification to state if cabling has been installed in the correct zones.

Fire Alarm Certification

Provided when fire alarms need to be checked upon or after installation.

Emergency Lighting Certification

Provided when the condition and durability of emergency lighting need testing.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Provided when the condition of portable appliances is required to be checked for the use of them in business or rental properties.